Eight tips to protect your screen

Touch screen smartphones are designed to withstand scratches and are robust enough to withstand standard wear. But these large screens are also susceptible to damage.. If you have an Android phone or tablet and want to protect your Android screen, here are a few tips for you. Find a way to touch

  1. Careful to touch

It is important that you use the correct support to manipulate the screen.  Use only your fingers and stylus. While some devices may allow the use of pencils on touch screens, most Android screens should not be subjected to other media.

  1. Avoid the « old pencil»

You do not need to press the phone when it stops working. The method is as outdated as the gadgets that needed it.  Smartphone and Android screens don’t need taps to work. Consult a repair specialist instead.

  1. 3. No excess sunlight

While sunlight does not burn the screen in an instant, you should not expose your screen to prolonged sunlight. This can damage the sensitivity of the screen.

  1. Objects electrically loaded

The sudden flow of electricity between two devices can disrupt operations for a period of time or longer. Do not place the smartphone near an electrically charged device. A sudden increase in electrostatic charge can be detrimental to the android screen.

  1. Stable functioning

This is rather underused advice.  You should not leave the phone idle for long periods of time.   When the gadget remains inactive, the screen may be subject to prolonged sleep.   A screen lock time that activates the screen after a period of inactivity may be useful.

  1. Careful cleaning

Never use detergent to clean android screen. Most smartphone screens are also not compatible with daily soap solutions. Use a goggles cleaning cloth to gently clean the screen. If you need a solution, use one specially designed for smartphone screens.

  1. Screen protectors

Most people are aware of the effectiveness and need for screen protectors. They are available for a fraction of the cost of a new android screen and you should be smart enough to spend from the start. While screen protectors are available in a variety of qualities, tempered glass protectors are the best crack resistance.

  1. Cases of telephone

The use of a good case can be vital for the smartphone. If you often drop the phone, use cockroaches that protect both sides of the phone. These cases are generally known as shock resistant cases and offer superior protection to screens.

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