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Circuit Geeks provides complete solutions for most manufacturers, as well as new, refurbished and obsolete equipment. We have a normal turnaround time of 1 to 5 days and a free peak service of 24 to 48 hours with the actual test load. The complete functional test is a 12-month warranty in service on each repair. Each good process is mapped from start to finish, and our correction process is no different.

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Repair Ended

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Phase 01

  • Repair received in the connected system
  • Unique barcode
  • Technical evaluation completed
  • List of spare parts required for the product
  • Creation of a customed quotation
  • Submitted for client approval by email and telephone

Phase 02

  • Approval received from the client
  • Technician assigned to the unit
  • Assembly unit for troubleshooting and evaluation of repair components at the repair component level to determine functionality and performance levels.
repair 3

Phase 03

  • Our field technician carries out the reparation and assembly.
  • Then tests the proper functioning of the device
  • Ensures the complete satisfaction of the customer
  • Congratulations! Your device is up and running!

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