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We specialize in the repair of microelectronics (IT) in MAC or PC, as well as in high-end games. Electronic repair (IT) is not reserved for the traditional computer repair service.

We carry out engineering repairs based on knowledge, experience and expertise. We ensure that our customers obtain a qualitative and sustainable end result.

An electronic failure occurs when this board or one of its components has been damaged due to an overvoltage or electrical damage, for example. The hard disk is then unable to function and the data is no longer accessible.


The electronic failure of the hard disk drive is usually due to a short circuit caused by an overvoltage or an electric shock, lightning, excessive heat associated with insufficient ventilation, contact with conductive material… An additional complication can occur if the force of the electric discharge causes the failure, therefore a mechanical failure (link).The symptoms of electronic failure are fairly easily identifiable, particularly insofar as they follow frequently identified electrical damage:

  • The disc is inert, no longer rotating
  • It is no longer recognized by the BIOS
  • TThe disc smells like a burn, the parts have melted
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