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Medical institutions have a wide variety of medical equipment at each stage of the health process: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, etc..

Beyond the competence of health professionals, the quality of services offered to patients in a hospital service also depends on an appropriate and efficient technological environment. However, any defective medical equipment or devices have a significant impact on the maintenance, operation, economy and reputation of the site. In this context, equipment maintenance is of paramount importance. The proper functioning of all these materials is therefore a major challenge for these structures.


Medical devices are often covered by a limited warranty or are linked to expensive maintenance contracts.

At Circuit geeks you can, after your on-site analysis with a technical staff or by one of our field engineers, electronically repair the defective microparts of your medical devices. We are the independent and specialized brand in ultrasound, ECG, X-rays, medical microscopes, operational lasers, dental devices and more.

Repair of medical equipment results in real savings on medical facilities.

At Circuit Geeks, everything is repairable